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Email address is extremely important. You will receive the initial administrative validation of your application and the final decision made by the Admission Committee.

How did you come to learn about our graduates programs? Please indicate source of advertisement, if applicable. (optionnal)

Exact title of the most recent degree obtained.
If you are currently completing your studies, exact title of the degree you are studying and date of graduation

Year, institute, qualifications obtained and specialization

Dissertation, thesis or published articles Full titles and names of the professor who supervised the research

Please list your work experience and internship with dates, duration, tasks performed and employers

You may wish to include this statement to provide any additional information which would be helpful in evaluating your application. Describe briefly your personal, academic and professional history, including significant non-law activities. You may wish to elaborate on your education, community and professional experiences, publications and personal background. Tell us why you think you will be an asset to the UJM community. Please limit your personal statement to 500 words.

* These figures vary slightly from year to year. ** European students must provide a copy of the European health insurance card

*Returning exchange students who have obtained the Postgraduate Diploma in International and European Law have the option of taking a further Semester of studies at the Law School for the purpose of obtaining the LL.M. in International and European Law, subject to certain conditions set down by the Law School.

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