Our program offers highly qualified and intellectually outstanding students the opportunity to pursue their legal studies at an advanced level in a challenging but supportive environment.

This program seeks to:

Deepen students’ knowledge of law at the national, European and international levels, thus providing students with the tools to work more effectively in a global setting;

Develop the students’ personal and professional capabilities so that students are able to integrate into the practice of law, by:

  • • Enhancing forensic and critical legal skills through case analysis and legislative evaluation
  • • Encouraging independent reading and research using traditional and internet resources
  • • Guiding students in applying legal concepts to real life situations, using legal case analysis and problem solving
  • • Promoting team work and public speaking
  • • Focusing on practical legal skills, including drafting, advocacy, negotiation and communication
  • • Training students to present complex ideas and arguments involving the fields of law studied in writing and orally
  • • Encouraging students to use contextual and critical thinking


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