2020 – 2021 CVEC:

  • All students : € 92*

Before registration at an institution of higher education each student must obtain an attestation of payment of the Student and Campus Contribution (CVEC):


2020 – 2021’s Registration fees:

  • All students : € 245*

* These figures may vary from year to year.

Tuition fees:

  • For the master 2 LL.M program (one academic year): 10,000 Euros
  • For students who spent 1 semester in exchange (ERASMUS) and who want to complete the degree**: 5,000 Euros

**Exchange students who came in exchange (ERASMUS) during one semester have the possibility of taking a further semester of studies at the Law School for the purpose of obtaining the master 2 LL.M. in International and European Business Law, subject to certain conditions set down by the Law School.