2019 – 2020 CVEC:

  • All students : € 91*

Before registration at an institution of higher education each student must obtain, his attestation of payment of the Student and Campus Contribution (CVEC):


2019 – 2020’s Registration fees:

  • All students : € 170*

* These figures may vary from year to year.
*European students must provide a copy of the European health insurance card

Tuition fees:

  • For the diplôme d’université LL.M program (one academic year): 10,000 Euros
  • For one semester (no degree delivered), returning students**: 5,000 Euros

**Returning exchange students who came in exchange during one semester have the option of taking a further semester of studies at the Law School for the purpose of obtaining the diplôme d’université LL.M. in International and European Law, subject to certain conditions set down by the Law School.